What choices of cake decoration are there?

You can have a simple message iced, for example “Happy 40th Birthday” plus additional balloons, stars or hearts on the top.  You can also have a ribbon placed around the cake in a colour of your choice.
How do I notify you of my cake decoration request?
Simply email us at admin@theforcesstore.co.uk, with your name, order number and your requirements.
 My BFPO order hasn’t arrived yet, why not?
We deliver parcels to the BFPO sorting office on a Tuesday and a Friday.  They are then quickly sorted and despatched to their various BFPO addresses. The system relies upon a lot of people at various stages and can therefore take anything from 3 days to 3 weeks for parcels to arrive at their destination. Please be patient, some destinations are not easily accessible but post is hugely important for morale and everyone works hard to ensure parcels are delivered as quickly as possible.
I’m sure the parcel has been lost, what happens next?
All parcels can be tracked through the BFPO system, so we will enquire on your behalf.  If the parcel has indeed been lost, we will of course send a replacement parcel or provide you with a refund.
What is the last Posting Date for BFPO Parcels Christmas 2015
29th November