I heard via my daughter in law that your Fantastic Cake arrived intact on the day and was enjoyed by all. It helped lift the gloom for a few hours, in between a very bad period
Pam Lait
I would just like to thank you noticing that I had ordered twice and I am grateful that you noticed thank you very much and I would also like to add that your Forces Store makes a big difference to the troops once again thank you very much
Cpl Sean Collins
Just a quick note to say my husband has just rang and he's absolutly thrilled (and slightly embrassed as he got just a tad of stick from the rest of the lads!!) with his birthday cake. He was really made up and said what a morale boast it was for them all and by the sounds of it even though he said he couldnt believe the size of it (was meant to be for 12-16) it certainly didnt take just a few of them long to polish it off!!! but i cant blame them as its the first decent food they have seen for months.
Thanks very much for helping me put a well deserved smile on his face even if it was for a short time.
Zowie Davis
Thank you for reassuring me and responding so quickly. You have been so friendly and helpful. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you I just hope Dan likes the cake. I promise as soon as he receives it I’ll provide some feedback.  Thank you you’ve been absolutely amazing. I’ll definitely shop with you again!
Would like to thank everyone involved in the making and sending my Stuart his birthday cake .He said it was the best thing he had tasted he give everyone a piece and i think it lasted all of half an hour. It means so much more to me today as Stuart was involved in the patrol where two of his mates were killed. Stuart was the team medic and travelling in the vehicle behind the one that caught the blast. He was so very lucky ..Thank God he is ok but shocked.If the worst had happened at least I would have known he had some pleasure beforehand ...A very big thank you again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kay Morgan
I just wanted to send an email to thank you so very much for my beautiful chalk chuff chart! I received it yesterday and it is just so lovely. I can assure you it will be well used for all the times my fiancé is away whether be a couple of weeks or months!!   Keep up the good work I think its an awesome website!!   Thanks again. Mandy Sharp